Possibly body style for my drawing of people. I really like how this looks and I may run with it. #intransit #sketch #doodle


this is it. this is the most important gif on tumblr.com

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Sweet! (at Washington Square Park)

#BATMAN (at Washington Square Park)

Cause we are goofballs. (at Washington Square Park)

Don’t tell the monkeys


This is what happens when you fuse all the fire birdies together into one (gen 1-6). I tried to incorporate Ho-oh’s rainbow theme in case anyone is wondering why it’s feathers are glowing in a bluish tone. Btw, I also recieved an insane amount of meassages the past few weeks! I’ve only answered a fourth of them so far, so if you haven’t recieved an answer yet it does not mean that I hate you or haven’t read your message! I’m just really overwhelmed rn!

Peeta: (whispers) Hey Haymitch check them tits out.
Katniss: I’m standing right here… Haymitch: Those babies are niiiiiiccccceeee

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